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Posts related to my specific build.

Construction Start

HS-908 attach angle rough cut

I officially started construction of my RV-9A on July 17, 2012. The first major sub-assembly to be made is the horizontal stabilizer. Construction began with fabrication of the two HS-908 Attach Angles. The instructions indicate that these and the two HS-909 shims are the only items that need to be made from scratch so I …

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Air compressor in place

I finished installing an air line in the garage using rigid metal black pipe. The pipe runs the length of the garage with two coupler points to which I can plug in an air hose connected to an air tool. The source of compressed air comes from a 30 gallon oiled air compressor. Air compressors …

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Workshop build underway

I’ve started putting together a workshop in the garage. I built two work tables following the EAA template for work tables . I kept the table top dimensions the same but made the base smaller so that I have a 3-inch overhang all around the table. I also built one table on lockable castors so …

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Letter of Intent response

Aircraft Identification Plate

The response to my Letter of Intent arrived today. It’s a simple booklet of information that contains checklists of what the inspectors will be looking for and specifications of the requirements that I need to meet. They also included a blank aircraft identification plate that I will need to have engraved with my name, the …

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Letter of intent – filed!

Today, I submitted the Letter of Intent to the Minister’s Delegates – Recreational Aviation or the MD-RA. The MD-RA is an authority program external to Transport Canada and are responsible for amateur-built aircraft. A file will be started for my project and I will be assigned an inspector who will visit my workshop on request …

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Missing rudder skins received

In my last post related to the RV-9A build, I said that the two rudder skins were missing from the empennage kit. Well, after getting back to Van’s Aircraft about it, they sent me the skins with no hassle and they arrived today. So, now the kit is complete and I can put everything away …

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Empennage inventoried

I completed the inventory of the empennage this weekend. I discovered that the kit is missing the left and right rudder skins. It’s not a big deal though, because Van’s Aircraft gives its customers 30 days to report any missing components and they will send them at no charge. Aside from that everything is there. …

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Empennage ordered and received

On January 6, 2011, I placed an order with Van’s Aircraft for the empennage kit for the RV-9A and it arrived today, January 11. The empennage consists of the horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer. The elevators and rudder are also included. It’s kind of a surreal moment to see two boxes of airplane parts sitting …

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