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Construction Start

HS-908 attach angle rough cut

I officially started construction of my RV-9A on July 17, 2012. The first major sub-assembly to be made is the horizontal stabilizer. Construction began with fabrication of the two HS-908 Attach Angles. The instructions indicate that these and the two HS-909 shims are the only items that need to be made from scratch so I …

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Building an amateur-built airplane in Canada

So you’ve decided to build an amateur-built airplane in Canada. Construction is going to be challenging enough but what about all the steps that need to be followed to satisfy the Canadian government? The following is a basic list of everything that needs to be done to build an amateur-built airplane in Canada. File Letter …

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Deciding On A Homebuilt Airplane

One of the first things that crosses the mind of a newly minted pilot is owning an airplane. But what would that airplane be? Factory-built or homebuilt? A factory-built, certified airplane must have major work performed by a certified mechanic but a homebuilt can be maintained entirely by the builder. Also, a homebuilt, or amateur …

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Air compressor in place

I finished installing an air line in the garage using rigid metal black pipe. The pipe runs the length of the garage with two coupler points to which I can plug in an air hose connected to an air tool. The source of compressed air comes from a 30 gallon oiled air compressor. Air compressors …

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Solo-ed again for the first time

I went flying by myself this morning for the first time in almost two years. I kept it simple and just did some circuits. The conditions were ideal to work on the basics with no wind and the sky clear and sunny. My first landing was a little sloppy because of poor air speed control …

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Workshop build underway

I’ve started putting together a workshop in the garage. I built two work tables following the EAA template for work tables . I kept the table top dimensions the same but made the base smaller so that I have a 3-inch overhang all around the table. I also built one table on lockable castors so …

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Getting back into it

Having finally completed a non-aviation related project, I can now resume focus on all things aviation. First, and foremost, was to get my flight currency reinstated.  Up until recently, I hadn’t flown in almost two years. So, for the past month, I spent 5.9 hours with an instructor who put me through all of the …

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Mr. St. Clair McColl receives Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award

On this third annual National Aviation Day, Mr. St. Clair McColl, owner and operator of Saltspring Air, was awarded the Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award. Brian Jean, the Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Transport, the Honourable Chuck Strahl, presented the award to Mr. McColl at a National Aviation Day celebration at the Canada Aviation and …

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Letter of Intent response

Aircraft Identification Plate

The response to my Letter of Intent arrived today. It’s a simple booklet of information that contains checklists of what the inspectors will be looking for and specifications of the requirements that I need to meet. They also included a blank aircraft identification plate that I will need to have engraved with my name, the …

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Happy National Aviation Day Canada!

Silver Dart

February 23 marks National Aviation Day in Canada. On  2009, the Minister of Transport declared February 23rd as Canada’s aviation day which commemorates the day Canada’s first powered flight occurred, which was February 23, 1909. On that day, the Silver Dart took off from the ice on Baddeck Bay in Baddeck, Nova Scotia and flew …

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