Air compressor in place

I finished installing an air line in the garage using rigid metal black pipe. The pipe runs the length of the garage with two coupler points to which I can plug in an air hose connected to an air tool. The source of compressed air comes from a 30 gallon oiled air compressor. Air compressors are noisy so I don’t want this thing making a lot of racket while I’m trying to work on the plane. So, I put the 170 lbs air compressor in the basement and passed an air hose from there, through a hole in the wall into the garage to connect to the rigid air line. I live alone so there won’t be any worry of disturbing anyone in the house.

The air compressor is heavy and top heavy at that. I temporarily installed an electric winch at the garage entry door and used it to slowly lower the air compressor down the stairs. I haven’t tested the system yet. While it’s getting too cold now to work on the airplane in the garage, I’d like to make sure the air system is available so I can use it to put air in my car tires whenever I need during the winter. With the car sitting on its tires all week, air leakage gets them “square” pretty quick.