Workshop build underway

I’ve started putting together a workshop in the garage. I built two work tables following the EAA template for work tables . I kept the table top dimensions the same but made the base smaller so that I have a 3-inch overhang all around the table. I also built one table on lockable castors so that I can wheel it around if necessary.

With the tables done, I turned my attention to the shop air supply. The air drill and the most important tool, the rivet gun, are air powered. Air compressors are noisy so I decided to put the air compressor in the basement of my house. (I live alone so it won’t disturb anyone in the house when I’m working in the garage.) My garage is attached to the house and the back wall is where my utility room is in the basement. I drilled a hole through the back wall so I can bring an air hose through. I’m assembling a rigid black pipe air line in the garage that the air hose will connect to. The air line will have its own regulator and air filter and two outlet points to attach an air tool too. It should end up being a nice setup.