August 2011 archive

Solo-ed again for the first time

I went flying by myself this morning for the first time in almost two years. I kept it simple and just did some circuits. The conditions were ideal to work on the basics with no wind and the sky clear and sunny. My first landing was a little sloppy because of poor air speed control …

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Workshop build underway

I’ve started putting together a workshop in the garage. I built two work tables following the EAA template for work tables . I kept the table top dimensions the same but made the base smaller so that I have a 3-inch overhang all around the table. I also built one table on lockable castors so …

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Getting back into it

Having finally completed a non-aviation related project, I can now resume focus on all things aviation. First, and foremost, was to get my flight currency reinstated.  Up until recently, I hadn’t flown in almost two years. So, for the past month, I spent 5.9 hours with an instructor who put me through all of the …

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