February 2011 archive

Mr. St. Clair McColl receives Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award

On this third annual National Aviation Day, Mr. St. Clair McColl, owner and operator of Saltspring Air, was awarded the Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award. Brian Jean, the Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Transport, the Honourable Chuck Strahl, presented the award to Mr. McColl at a National Aviation Day celebration at the Canada Aviation and …

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Letter of Intent response

Aircraft Identification Plate

The response to my Letter of Intent arrived today. It’s a simple booklet of information that contains checklists of what the inspectors will be looking for and specifications of the requirements that I need to meet. They also included a blank aircraft identification plate that I will need to have engraved with my name, the …

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Happy National Aviation Day Canada!

Silver Dart

February 23 marks National Aviation Day in Canada. On  2009, the Minister of Transport declared February 23rd as Canada’s aviation day which commemorates the day Canada’s first powered flight occurred, which was February 23, 1909. On that day, the Silver Dart took off from the ice on Baddeck Bay in Baddeck, Nova Scotia and flew …

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Letter of intent – filed!

Today, I submitted the Letter of Intent to the Minister’s Delegates – Recreational Aviation or the MD-RA. The MD-RA is an authority program external to Transport Canada and are responsible for amateur-built aircraft. A file will be started for my project and I will be assigned an inspector who will visit my workshop on request …

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